These courses are aimed at university students (for regular courses) and graduates (for professional certificates) in the following degrees: law degree, criminal justice, criminology and forensic science.


The courses are composed of 10 contact hours 1 CEU (Continued Education Unit) in any training HUBs and 20 contact hours in virtual modalities. 
In regarding to the certifications, the amount of CEU is 12, which corresponds to 120 hours of contact.


To make the registration you must present a title or certificate of study (transcription of credits).  
Certifications have a special requirement, which is to have a minimum of a bachelor's or master degree, the evidence must be submitted in the registration process.

Teaching Ecosystem:

The student can take their courses in the following modalities: Training Hubs, Live Virtual Classes or eLearning (depending on the academic offer). The use of smart phones and portable computers is mandatory.

Payment Method:

The international payment methods are: VISA and MASTERCARD.
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