Learning Model

iiForense uses andragogic models of teaching, through collaborative learning, inductive thinking, non-directive teaching and scientific inquiry.


Our courses incorporate solid components in the analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, simulations and 3D visualization.


Our model is based on UX experiences, which are based on discovery, identification, design and development, in academic environments with the use of virtual reality VR and artificial intelligence



We offer our clients a high quality experience in their interaction between technological environments and forensic sciences, use of technological tools in all disciplines.

Learning Environment

iiForense incorporates a virtual learning environment within the physical-cybernetic ecosystem, which minimizes time, distance and resources.

Good Practices

iiForense is based on a model of respect for copyright, academic integrity (values of honesty, respect, trust and responsibility) promoting an atmosphere of trust in the classroom, respecting the free exchange of ideas.

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